The New York State Unified Court System conducts virtual court appearances using Microsoft Teams and telephone conferencing. The meeting invitation or court appearance notification will tell you how your appearance has been scheduled. If you are uncertain, contact the court, directly. Use the Court Locator to find your court.

IMPORTANT: You are prohibited from recording video or audio, or taking photos or screenshots during a virtual proceeding.
(See 22 NYCRR Part 29 and Part 131)

Appear Using Microsoft Teams


Appear by Telephone (not using the Microsoft Teams app)

  • If the court scheduled a telephone appearance for the case, the court will call you on the date and time of the hearing. Be sure your phone is near you. 
  • If you have questions before the court date, call the court.


For more information about virtual courts, please visit our Virtual Court Information Center.

Request Public Access to a Livestream of a Scheduled Virtual Appearance

To request the ability to view a virtual appearance for Supreme Court Civil Term proceedings as a member of the public or press, please go here: Virtual Appearance Viewing Request link. You do not need to be a party to a case in order to view a virtual court appearance.